Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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There are about 400 pages of information on Girivalam on this website.

Experiences from Crore 7 of our mantra japa

We started crore 7 only a few days ago and within the last 48 hours we have received such good news.

One message said:

[a]   By God's Grace & with your prayers, my daughter delivered a male baby on 19th June at 15.03hrs.  The nakshatram is Arudra, the same as Lord Shiva's.   (LK adds:  Arudra is a very powerful star. Most people born on Arudra Nakshatram will hold significant places in society)

[b] Another participant's daughter got engaged to a young man working for a multinational corporation.  

The father had been distraught that she didn't pass her I.A.S. exam and I told him "Wait, I think Puthur Shiva has something better for her."

Lo and behold! she is getting married and moving to the U.S. She hopes to go to University there. This girl will be the first in her family to go abroad.

Considering how difficult it is to get admission into engineering colleges, a young participant (not the one above) wrote: "After joining this japam group, I have been doing japam many times during the day; sometimes I don't even count. Recently, I got admission to a reputed engineering college and have started studies. Lord Shiva is showering his blessings upon me like you will never believe".

A new participant had a difficult court case in Bangalore go in her favour. She is so happy. What is amazing is that she joined us only in crore 7

Another japam participant, who's ancestors are from Perintalmanna,  was hospitalized recently but has been so diligent in repeating the mantra even in her hospital bed that we feel Puthur Shiva is beside her, protecting and helping her evolve spirtually through this ordeal. The  change in her is so remarkable.

All these happened within a 48 hour period to participants who live around the world. 


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