Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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Ramesh Krishnamoorthy: The call from Arunachala: Part 1

Om Ganeshaya Namaha

Think of those holy feet that remove all obstacles;
think of that which amplifies the results of good deeds, manifold;
That which is the abode of all source of Punyam (good deeds);
Think of Lord Ganesha, the brother of Lord Subramanya.

- Dhigambara Sanyasi

While they say you need good karma to go on pilgrimage or even to be in the company of holy men, Tiruvannamalai is different. If you are devoted to Lord Siva, Arunachala will pull you to himself and bestow His blessings. He will draw you to him like a magnet, repeatedly. Devotees who have visited Tiruvannamalai and who have done Girivalam, will attest to this. Of that I am sure.

For quite some time, I kept thinking 'when is Lord Siva going to call me'? I vented myself through postings on the Agnilingam group, a Yahoo group that helped me sustain my devotion to Lord Siva and increased my interest in visiting several places sacred to Lord Siva. Finally, exhausted, I surrendered. I thought 'if He thinks fit, He will call me.”

It is when I surrendered that I got to the call to go on Girivalam. It came in the form of an email saying "Girivalam starts Sunday at 12 noon." I wanted to go on Girivalam, to have darshan of the Ashta Lingas and Pancha Bootha Nandis, to have the darshan of the Abodes of Ramana Maharishi, Sheshadri Swami and then to seek the blessings of Lord Siva and Goddess Uma (my eternal mother and father). I felt I was greedy for wanting so much but knew in my heart that I had Lord Siva’s blessings. I had got the call.

I gathered details on darshan spots through the website http://www.agasthiar.org/arunafr.htm
I drew the outline of the Mountain from http://www.agasthiar.org/AUMzine/0009-gv.htm
as well.

I was prepared but my mind was in turmoil. Should I go on Saturday evening or Sunday morning? Should I go on Girivalam early in the morning before it gets hot or late in the evening? Should I fast or should I eat a little? Should I checkout the internet one more time or not? I had so many questions. I could not sleep on Thursday night until I surrendered. I said, “O Lord, you take care of me.” After that, I don't know when I fell asleep, but I slept soundly.

On Friday, I took my camera, vibuthi, cell-phone, some 50 rupees in change, and set off for The Abode.

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