Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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Ramesh Krishnamoorthy: Arunachala pulled me to him and gave me darshan: Part 4

In front of Sri Loba Matha Agasthiyar Ashram, I prayed to Sage Agasthiyar. The darshan of the mountain from here is called Shiva-Shakti Aikya Swaroopa Darshan (the union of Shiva Shakti). 'Give me energy', I prayed

There were tiles placed on the sidewalk. I couldn't place my feet on them because of the pain in my feet. I could only place them on the plain surface where the corners of four tiles met. You may be wondering as to why so much of feet-purana, but I learnt a big lesson, nay, I was taught one. I will tell that later.

Idduku Pillaiyar Shrine

Kubera Lingam is the seventh of Ashta Lingams. This was worshipped by Goddess Mahalakshmi herself.

On the way, I saw Idduku Pillaiyar shrine. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to pass through it. But I somehow managed to do it. The blessing of coming out of the tiny gap in this shrine is that it eradicates millions of births of a soul. From there, the darshan is Pancha Mukha Darshan (a very important one). There was a board in front of an ashram, to sit on a particular spot. I just sat there and looked at the mountain. An inexpressible joy and peace overwhelmed me.

It started raining. I recalled that in the afternoon when it was very hot, I had prayed for rain. Arunachala Siva had fulfilled that wish, too.

The only prayer on my mind now was 'give me energy, give me your darshan, help me complete this girivalam'. I turned right and found that the city started up again. There was a cremation ground before it and the darshan from there was called Kona Linga Mukha Darshan, which literally means linga which looks slanting.

I missed the Eshana Linga as I could not locate it. So I walked straight. Enroute, I saw Durga temple, Murugan temple (Lord Subramanya) and I had darshan of Bootha Narayana. He is worshipped for safe-keeping of the merits of Girivalam. I read this too from the Agasthiyar website.

I crossed the South Gopuram and entered via the East Gopuram of the Main Temple. I felt a very different kind of feeling inside. I started to cry. Was it because of the pain in my feet or was it that He had called me to give darshan? I realized instantly that it was because I was going to have darshan of the Lord. I didn't want to be seen crying in public. So I asked Him to help me stop crying. He helped me immediately!

The Divine Mother's shrine

I went to Ambaal (Mother)'s shrine first. Once inside, I started sobbing uncontrollably. In my mind, I screamed out to her, 'O my Mother.' There She was...with a Abaya Hastha (the hand showing a protection). The priest made me sit right down in front of her in the Sanctum Sanctorum.

I felt what is called a thought-less state. The pain, the time it took to complete the girivalam, tiredness, bhakti... everything disappeared. Such was that state...! The priest asked me, “Do you want Archanai to be done?' I gladly gave the names. "Make me your devotee, O Mother, and let there be wellness in the whole world."

The Great God Arunachala

I came out silently and went to the Swami's Shrine'. There He was, Arunachala, the Great God, the One who pulled me to him to give me darshan. I was so tired from the Girivalam that He was dancing in all my thoughts now. I could not see anything but Him. I sat down before him totally still and totally present.

After a while, the priest asked us all to get up. I wasn't able to get up, only move forward to sit before my Father, just like I sat in front of my Divine Mother. Totally Still. But His play wasn't over. The Priest asked everyone to move again while I alone was left still sitting in front of Mahadev. As if he said 'you thought of getting special darshan entrance ticket', here you have it, just sit down in front of me for a while!

After a while, I got up and I circumbulated the shrine silently. On the top left of Shri Nataraja shrine, these words were written:

if we just see,
the curved eyebrows, a mischievous smile in those red little lips,
the spread-out matted lock and milky white vibuthi (sacred-ash)
on that body which is like coral, the holy foot which is raised
what is more needed in this human birth?

See, how He played with me? Otherwise, with one coffee and two slices of bread around 6.30 in the morning, a sugar-cane juice, a cool drink and a lemon soda, would I have been able to cover 14 kilometers and have such a marvelous darshan?

The time the girivalam started - 1.40 PM
The time it was completed and when I entered East Gopuram - 7.50 PM
When I came out after this magnificent experience - 9.00 PM

I wish to thank you for reading this with so much patience.

I also want to sincerely thank the owner of this blog, who encouraged me to write this in English, even though I have only a limited knowledge of the language.

Those who want to go for Girivalam can look at http://www.Agasthiar.Org/arunafr.htm
and take a note of the places marked there for darshan. Particularly, about the darshan at every place is described very well here.

The photographs are here: http://www.agasthiar.org/arunapics/index.htm

The ones I took are here:

My ultimate lesson

Oh, I said I learnt a lesson while walking, didn't I? Here it is:

If only we have in our minds,
the one whose forehead is smeared with Vibuthi
the one whose red-matted lock contains water (Ganga)
the one with the raised leg,
will there be anything else we would want from all the three worlds?

Om Namah Shivaya!

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