Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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Ulaganathan P.: (#5): Annamalai yarukku Arohara!

It is believed that on the Karthigai Deepam day, all the devas, ganas, spirits and others worship Lord Arunachala by doing grivalam. It is real for sure. As you go round the holy hill, take a look around yourself. An unending line of humanity files past the girivalam route and up above the sky, the bright and the full moon is serenely going round the hill, in its heavenly path, embracing Lord Arunachala with its cool rays of moon light. Even in the moon-light, the holy hill remains dark, silhouetted against the bright sky line. The Sun-god has already commenced His journey, to be visible to human eyes, at the dawn. The Agni already is lit on top of the hill. The very hill looks like a burnished golden mound. There are occasions when the lighting of the deepam is visited with rains, but never once disrupting the lighting of the deepam. You will certainly feel that every element on this universe take girivalam and pray Arunachala.

Once I was fortunate to be inside the temple premises where the pujas preceding the lighting of the deepam were being performed. There was intermittent downpour at that time, which caused considerable commotion among the devotees. The presiding priest who was conducting the puja pacified them saying that this is an occasion when all devtas and panchabootas pay their obeisance to Lord Arunachala and that there was never an occasion in the past when the lighting of deepam was disrupted due to inclement weather. As the time for lighting of the deepam was approaching, the weather became quiet and the rains took a break. Then the concluding arti was performed, followed by the bursting of crackers and then the jyoti on the mala appeared from out of the cloud. It was 'Annamalaiyarukku Arogara" all over the places. Our feet moved on in the pradakshina path.

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