Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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LK: Dashamamsha Vrata or Tithing


Every spiritual path has an avenue for people to give back to the Universe. Hindus call it Dashamamsha or tithing.  While tithing is traditionally one-tenth of one's income, many people give whatever amount they can. Hindu elders say if you have never tithed before, start with three per cent of your income. Tithing is not something that will deplete your resources, but multiply and increase it.


Lord Siva’s devotees consider tithing as their first expense. Giving as soon as the income is received is believed to sanctify the remaining portion and reap the greatest punya. Tithing is not an offering but is an acknowledgement of God’s part in the person’s good fortune. For example, if 10 coconuts are harvested, the first one is Lord Shiva’s.


According to Satguru Sivaya Subramaniyaswami of the Kauai Aadheenam, “Lord Siva’s close devotees of means utilize their wealth to strengthen their community, support temples, sponsor akhanda nama japam, conduct yagnas and feed the Brahmins.”

“There is no compulsion for Hindus to give either to religious institutions and groups. However, one of the niyamas is dana/charitable giving. This impulse to give has to come from inside and the ideal is to give generously from the heart and without thought or expectation of any type of reward including publicity.”

“Another niyama of Hinduism is observing sacred vows or vratas. One of the vratas observed is Dashama Bhaga Vrata. It is a promise a person makes to God to donate regularly for a specified time, or for the rest of their life, one tenth of one’s gainful and gifted income.”

Another Acharya wrote: "Dashamamsha brings a greater awareness of God’s power in the world and the givers are uplifted to a purer spiritual consciousness and abundance naturally floods into their lives."

"Tithing is a deep ingratiating process of trusting the Infinite, trusting that God will provide, and that there will be enough. It is almost natural at first that we may balk at giving at all. Then we may give a small amount somewhat begrudgingly. Occasionally we may feel compelled to increase the amount we tithe in small increments. But slowly the trust escalates. It is an extraordinary process of internal trust and growth, which one can only truly know through personal experience."

"The principle of tithing is that if you give to Infinity, Infinity, in turn, will give back to you. It is a spiritual practice through which you build trust in the ability of the Universe to respond to the energy that you give."

"Wherever you are, whatever your station in life, whatever your earnings and expenses, tithing is an avenue for a deeper, more profound connection with the Infinite, because it instills in us absolute and unyielding trust."

A Tiruvannamalai elder told me that we are karmically responsible for how our donations are REALLY used. If our support, knowingly or unknowingly, causes distress to Mother Earth and other living beings - the consequences to us can be devastating. 

We, at this website, do NOT recommend donating to any organization, no matter how good their promos and photo ops look, because many of them have highly-trained professional fundraisers or brainwashed devotees handling their publicity.  Many of these charities we have found, even the best of them, are used by their owners to enhance their own power and status in society; to give themselves legitimacy; buy awards and titles for themselves, and then use the vast monies they raise for their own personal needs.

So our advice to our readers is:  Feed people you know directly with your own hands as opposed to giving your money to a charity and then losing control of how it is used.
Educate a child you know by paying directly to the school or meet the medical needs of someone you know by paying directly to the hospital or dispensary. 

This way you will remain in control of how your hard-earned money is used and you will not incur the additional karma of your money being diverted to uses you did not authorize. Besides, the people you know are, in all probability, the people YOU have karma to resolve.

Also please do NOT take photographs of people you are helping so you can use them for purposes of publicity later. Charity is a very sacred and deeply spiritual practice where the person taking from you is helping you release your karma. THEY are doing you a favour. YOU are NOT doing them a favour at all. By taking photographs of people you are helping and using them later to raise more funds, you will be creating bad karma for yourself and not releasing any karma.

Beware!!! Charity is very big business in the world. 

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