Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

On the side panel is a list of contributors. We recommend reading by writer as we don't want you to miss out on anyone's experience.

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There are about 400 pages of information on Girivalam on this website.

Experiences of Japam Participants

Crore 9 of our Japam has barely begun and experiences have already started pouring in:

A Japam Participant who has been with us since the beginning wrote:

This japam has been really awesome. I have got closer to Bholenaath and attained peace of mind. Thanks to u.
All I can say is that since you all have taken me in your Japam Group, I have been Blessed SO MUCH by OUR LORD SHIVA and am grateful to you. Thank you so much.


A new japam participant wrote to us:

I started the Japam because my husband had lost his appetite to eat. He was not eating at all as food made him cringe and to vomit. He has a lot of health issues and I got concerned and was just browsing the internet.  I wrote to a couple of ayurvedic doctors in India and was checking my email to see if they had replied (they never replied), when I saw an email, hidden in my spam mail, from a news group I belong to.  

It caught my eye when this person wrote that Lord Puthur Appan did wonders for her.  I was in so much pain that I started reading the email.  She had posted a link to the website too so I started to browse thru the Puthur Shiva Temple website.  I was so touched and emotional that I immediately wrote to you and asked your permission to do japam.  

After I posted my Japam, the next day, after 10 days of not eating, my husband came into the kitchen and told me he was hungry.  I cried and thanked Lord Shiva and told him to help me and show me the way.  Since that day I am totally devoted to Lord Shiva.  

I will do the tithing.  I will definitely go to Puthur Shiva Temple next time I visit India.  I don’t know when, but if Puthur Shiva wants me to visit His temple, He will definitely pave the way for me.  

I will tell you something that happened to me a very long time ago when I was a little girl. I was seven years old when I had this dream. I am with Lord Shiva in his abode, he is holding my hand and telling me that my life is going to change, my mother is going to her heavenly abode on the 5th of Aug 1970.  The dream was so real that even today I remember it like yesterday.  

Next morning I woke up and told my mom that I don’t want to go to school today. She asked me why? I told her that Lord Shiva told me you are going to die today.  My mom smiled and told me you might not have said your prayers so Lord Shiva is scaring you.  I was adamant and refused to go but then I had to succumb to my mother's wish. So I gave my mom a kiss and went to school crying.  My dad picked us up at school and told us that my mom met with an accident and she is in the hospital and he is taking us with him to see her. But we never saw her alive.  

After that I was scared of Lord Shiva.  I lost touch with Him.  I always remember that dream. I did prayers to Him but used to be very scared.

After joining this japam group, I am no more scared of Him.  I want that connection with Him.   Since starting this japam, my sadhana is going well. Lord Shiva is slowly helping me have faith in Him again. I find myself constantly doing the japam in His name without even me realizing it. I am at peace and ready to take on whatever comes in my way. Thank you for your support and guidance.


Another new japam participant described his experience:

"Earlier this year, I lost my job with a multinational corporation and couldn't find another one for three months. Needless to say I was very anxious as I have three teenaged children and a wife to support. I remembered reading about the Nama Japam Group of Sree Vellat Puthur Shiva Temple's and sent an email.

You all were very reassuring and asked me to start japam immediately and to donate to the annadanam fund at the temple.

Then, a miracle happened:

The moment I posted my japam, I got a call from a major corporation asking me if I was available for an interview. I said 'YES.' The interview went well but they did not call me back immediately as they had promised to.

So I panicked and contacted the japam group again. I was asked if I had donated for the annadanam at the temple. I replied that I had tried to but my bank asked me for a password that I didn’t even know I had. I will donate later… whenever

I was told that I must create punyam for myself by donating to the annadanam. The call will come as soon as I do that. So I rushed to the foreign exchange mart and begged the man to allow me to send some money to a charity. Their policy is to transfer to individuals only. Much to my surprise he agreed to do it as a one time exception.

As soon as I got home, I got a call from a friend at the company saying the documents were ready and that I should expect a call from the President of the company at any moment. It seemed like a long wait and Lord Puthur Appan was testing my patience. So I repeated the mantra and waited some more. Just now I got a call from the President asking me to sign the documents and start tomorrow - Monday. That it is Lord Shiva's day has not been lost on me.

Thank you for helping me in my time of crisis. I will definitely visit Sree Vellat Puthur Shiva temple on my next visit to India and I promise Lord Shiva that I will donate a portion of my salary every month as soon as I receive it.

My wife and I thank you all once again.
With all this talk of yatras, one devout japam participant, who was very ill, had her own experience. She wrote:

“I am slowly recovering from my illness and doing japam daily with the blessings of Lord Siva.  I am so happy to say that my connection to Lord Siva has deepened since joining Sree Vellat Puthur Shiva Temple’s japam group. 

All my prayers are for my family's welfare only. I never pray for any materialistic pleasure. I just pray for what I deserve. 

There is a poem in Tamil. Vendathakkana arivoi nee. It means: Lord Siva you know what is my need. You know what is my desire. If you want to give me anything, let it be as per your desire. I like this poem. So I go along with this.

On Aadi Amavasya, I had the energy to visit SEVEN Shiva Temples and had Kailai Darshan at Thiruvaiyaru.

“What is Kailai Darshan?” we asked.

She replied “The story goes : there was once a great devotee of Lord Siva called Thirunavukarasar or Appar in the town of Thiruvaiyaru who wanted to have darshan of Lord Siva in Kailash. He walked and walked till his legs wore out. Then he tried to walk with his hands.  

All of a sudden, a saint appeared and asked “Where are you going?”  

Appar replied, “I am going to have Darshan of Lord Siva in Kailash.”

The saint smiled and asked “How it is possible to reach Kailash without legs and hands?”

Appar replied, “If Lord Siva wishes, I will reach Kailash.”

The saint told Appar to return to Thiruvaiyaru and Lord Siva will give him darshan there as in Kailash.  The saint then disappeared. 

With the grace of Lord Siva, Appar suddenly found himself in Thiruvaiyaru where he experienced many auspicious things happening including a herd of elephants walking merrily, birds chirping happily. He knew immediately that it was a sign that he would have darshan of Lord Siva as in Kailash.

Soon, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati appeared on the Rishaba Vahana and Appar’s wish was fulfilled. This happened on Aadi Amavasya.  Every year lakhs of devotees throng to Thiruvaiyaru to witness this event.  

It is believed that only few fortunate people can witness this event and those who do will be blessed as if they visited Kailash itself. 

So, our japam participant who was seriously ill got darshan of Lord Siva as in Kailash, in Thiruvaiyaru this year.


Another new participant wrote:
I joined the japam group a few weeks ago but had to go out of town where I did not have wireless connection to post my japam. When I returned home, I found that my access to the japam site had been blocked. I felt very sad because I really wanted to do japam and Lord Shiva was not giving me permission to participate. I was so unhappy all day long yesterday and this morning, I got an email from you asking me why I was not posting any japam.
I am so happy that Lord Shiva heard my prayers and has given me permission to participate. Please give me access once again to do japam. I will do japam regularly and have sent money to Sree Puthur Shiva Temple for Annadanam. Your concern and your email were a miracle for me. It means Lord Shiva heard my prayers. Thank you.

Another participant wrote:

My japam is going well and I am in great spirits. Each of my days is a blessing from MY Lord Shiva. I don't have any significant special incident to tell as I am only praying that He keeps me at His feet forever. I am in absolute bliss with my chanting and basking in the blessings He is showering upon me. I don't have any big wish as such but really small prayers which my Lord is answering all the time.

A very new Japam Participant emailed us:

"I started doing japam to have mental peace and concentration. With all the odds I am facing and the chaos that exists around me, I am finding that things are the same around me but I am not perturbed by them any more. That was such a great revelation for me."


Thank you Lord Shiva

"My family and I joined this japam group in 2009 at a really challenging time in our lives. It looked as if we were going to lose everything we had built over 16-17 years – our business, the houses and the good name we had made in the community. We were very worried and at our wits end what to do. It was then that I heard that the Puthur Shiva Temple was starting a japam group. I knew immediately it was the blessing of my Ishta Devata, Lord Shiva

Within 6 months of starting the japam, I got the call to do the Char Dham yatra. It was beyond my wildest dreams. It was such a good trip that I have no words to describe his grace. Lord Shiva made the whole trip so smooth and nice that we had good darshan in all the places. Now when I look at the devastation in Kedarnath, I realize how much Lord Shiva blessed us.

After the Char Dham yatra, I came back to the U.S. and had full faith that Lord Shiva would do something to salvage our business and the homes. Within six months, Lord Shiva changed our circumstances in such a way that we got back our business and the homes also. Now the things are moving in a positive manner, it will take some time to get all the things right, but I am very, very sure Lord Shiva will do it. I can say with certainty that all this happened because of this japam group and HIS GRACE.
Thank you so much
We received this email from a japam participant:

“My daughter has scored excellent marks in her CBSE exams: Physics -95%; Chemistry -97%; Biology 99% but because of the current reservation policies, it is very difficult for Forward Classes to get admission in government colleges here in India. Private medical colleges are expecting Rupees 50 to 60 lakhs as donation! I am really disturbed and am requesting all the members of our Puthur Shiva Temple’s Nama Japam Group to pray for my daughter to get a MBBS seat on merit in a government medical college.”

The Japam Group got down to work immediately and we prayed for his daughter. In addition we requested the temple priests to conduct special prayers for her at the Temple.

Soon we got news:

“My daughter has got a BDS (Bachelor in Dental Surgery) seat in a highly reputed college in Chennai on MERIT! We didn't have to pay any donation. Sincere thanks to all of you for the prayers and my humble pranams and thanks to Lord Puthur Shiva.

He explained BDS is like MBBS. Here the doctors deal with all problems related to head and neck with more concentration on teeth and other oral problems. “


"Soon after starting japam with you all a few crores ago, Lord Shiva gave me chance to go on pilgrimage so many times, of visiting Shiva temples, chanting Devarams, Thiruvasagam and other powerful stotras. Moreover, He gave me maturity of accepting anything. Be assured, as long as I am breathing, I'll be doing japam.

A participant, whose family has been fortunate enough to visit Sree Vellat Puthur Shiva Temple several times wrote:

“Thank you for inviting me to join Crore 8. U won't believe. After a long time, I put my counting machine in my office bag to do japam in the office. (I have been writing Om Namah Shivaya in a diary in the office and at home but not posting regularly) & I was thinking about Puthur Shiva and Thirumandam Kunnu Devi and mentally doing pradakshina while I was traveling to work.

When I reached my office I saw your email. I am so happy that Puthur Shiva wants to me to re-join the japam group.

I don’t know how to express my feelings.....I am so happy. I want to do the japam and I promise that I will do my japam regularly and post it. Thank you so much.

Another participant who has undertaken many arduous pilgrimages with his wife wrote:

“I don't know whether it is a coincidence or not but the fact is I am blessed to be going on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarover in August and now I receive an invite to join the japam once again. I am so pleased. Thank you once again."

{This participant has since returned and written about his experience:   Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2013  He wrote: "Already my mind is planning another visit. Let us see what Lord Shiva has in store for us. "  

A few weeks after this yatra we received an email from him:

"I received prasadam from Puthur Shiva Temple today. Today is my wedding anniversary." Neither we (who run this website) nor the temple authorities had any idea that it was his wedding anniversary BUT Lord Puthur Shiva knew and blessed him!!!)

A few days later we got another email from him. It said:

"I would like to share with you one piece of good news.

My daughter has been accepted into a doctoral studies program of a major American University. She has been offered a generous stipend and full waiver of tuition fees. I am so blessed to be a part of this japam group. Thank you so much"


What can we say? 

Thank you SO much Lord Shiva

I am happy to tell you that I am at peace and Lord Shiva is showering his blessings on me slowly.  I shall chant more and more .

My sister and her family left for Kerala yesterday and will be visiting Puthur Shiva Temple. Infact, last year her only prayer to Puthur Shiva was for his grace that she be able to bring her husband and children next time.
They have had a lot of miracles happen in their family after her first visit to Puthur Shiva Temple. Her husband's nature has changed 90% and this time he initiated that they visit Puthur temple also.  She was facing Dasasandhi for the last two years. It is a very bad time as it affects health. My sister told me that some people can die in that period. That was her condition. In the correct time, we went to many Shiva temples in Chennai and also Puthur Shiva and did many nama japam.  Because of the nama japam she could cross the time without facing much crucial time. Lord Shiva saved her.

Now she is very happy and we shall be ever grateful to you. You are doing this great seva for Lord Shiva. Thanks to you how many people are chanting Nama Shivaya!!! I will be visiting Puthur Shiva soon as I want to see Puthur Shiva's smiling face again.

"I am praying to Lord Shiva and Parvati to give you and your team more blessings for creating such a dynamic website which is helping thousands of devotees to do the Koti Nama Japam. Lots of positive changes have happened in my life since I started this japam.
First, since the last 10 days I have been free of tension. I am mentally at peace. At home also there is now a good atmosphere, otherwise we used to fight over simple things.
In my office, because of the present recession, we came to know that this year we will not get any increment at all. While I was typing Om Namah Shivaya, I prayed for some improvement. Two days later, my company announced an increment. Yesterday, we found that it was going to be very good increment.

From my experience, I know that Lord Shiva of the Puthur temple is very powerful and whoever does worship with honesty and devotion, he will hear. I would like to visit Puthur Shiva temple on my next visit to Kerala and will donate whatever I can. My thinking is that Puthur Temple will be known to the world in the near future and it will become a major center for meditation and more.
Thank you once again for your kind action. Please forgive me if I have made any mistakes. Frankly we were from a very, very, poor family, under Daridryarekha, so I have only studied upto 10th std in Malayalam medium.
From our childhood we have faced a lot of problems. Then also we used to chant Om Namah Shivaya and Shiva's Panchaksharam Sthothram and do whatever we could to help old peoples in our village. My faith is that because of those day's karma, we got a convenient life now."

"Thank you for your blessings. I am only able to do japas due to His grace. I am so used to typing it out, I think He is happy with it, as I can already feel the affects in the form of peace, patience and right thinking.

The only thing which comes to my mind is total bliss, and they are so very beautiful. The photos of LORD SHIVA & FAMILY you have posted here are just so beautiful to look at only. I can only thank you all for letting me take part in this wonderful work. Once again thanks a lot.

U will be surprised , I hav been chanting om namah shivaya 108 times every day in the morning & sometimes twice it feels good & gives me confidence, the next time i`ll see u i will giv u the money for prasadam. Hopefully I`see u soon.

I don't worry about the economy any more because I can feel Puthur Shiva is taking care of us. Thanks for organizing this japam. We would like to do it for a long time.

After joining the Koti Nama Japam group, my thinking has changed. I am thinking everything positively now and have peace of mind. Before I used to get angry quickly but now I can control myself.
I have only one wish - for me to have a Darshan of "Shri Puthur Shiva" at the earliest. I think he will give me chance immediately.

My son has a learning disability and failed his 7th Standard exams but this time after doing japam to Lord Shree Puthur Shiva and Guruvayoorappan, I am glad to inform you that my son has passed his S.S.C. exam with First Class (65.38%). What can I say, everything is by the grace of Lord Shree Puthur Shiva and Guruvayoorappan.

Thank you for this japam. When we pray to Lord Shiva we are actually activating the chakras or the energy centres in our body which will speeden up our spiritual evolution. Let us pray with feeling that all are really Ishwara.

These mantras are very powerful vibrations which are activating the akanda as well as pinda energies. Let this Maha mantra keep reverberating in the universe eternally.

Thank you so much for starting these japam groups. What you are doing is excellent. May you and your family be blessed by Siva Parivar, Venugopala Murthy and Sastha.

First of all my family would like to thank you & appreciate your unselfish effort to promote this great, powerfull ancient temple. My family is doing the Japam literaly every day & we have found results.

With our Lord's Grace, things have stated moving a little to the positive side. Just praying that it continues and we are out of the woods, with HIS BLESSINGS. Please keep on praying for us.

After I started doing japam in crore 6, I was blessed with a beautiful baby daughter.

Thank you for showing us this way.

Please email your experiences to puthurshiva@gmail.com

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