Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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What Lord Brahma said about Girivalam

Brahma Lingam inside the Arunachaleswarar Temple in Tiruvannamalai

* Those who have darshan of Arunachala or meditate upon it, will attain liberation.

* All kinds of wealth will accrue to those who hear of the glory of Arunachala.

* Those who remember Arunachala will become pure in mind.

* They shall be absolved of their karmas.

* A mere darshan of Arunachala will grant the benefit of bathing in all the holy tirthas and performing all yajnas and yagas. He will obtain the grace of Sadasiva.

* Among the various places on earth which are sacred to Siva, it is only at this place that Sambhu fell in love with His own majestic and magnificent form. He lost the desire to dwell at Kailasa. He asked Parvati, all the rishis and devas to come here and perform penance, austerities and all rituals that are laid down in the scriptures. In Bharatavarsha dharma is cherished because of the presence of Arunachala.

* Devotees whose sins have all been destroyed in the blaze of Arunachala live in bliss.

* Arunachala fulfills the wishes of those who adore Him with circumambulation, prostration and perform austerities.

* A single darshan of Arunachala will please Him much more than austerities, offerings and yagnas performed in other kshetras.

* The Vedas and the epics in the form of hills surrounding Arunachala pay their obeisance to Him. Neither I (Lord Brahma) nor Vishnu with all our skill can adequately describe the glory of Arunachala. I (Lord Brahma), Vishnu and the devas always worship Arunachala while remaining invisible to human eyes.

* Disease, distress, mental worry and other miseries incidental to the dark age of kaliyuga do not affect those who always adore Arunachala.

* The power of Arunachala nullifies the influence of planets.

* I (Lord Brahma) have thus described to the best of my ability the glory of Arunachala which bestows liberation in a trice to those who contemplate Him.

Suta said: When Sage Sanaka heard with rapt attention the glorious and nectar-sweet story of Arunagiri that flowed from the lips of Brahma, he was filled with bliss.

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