Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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Destruction of the Sonagiri Forest and Trees All Along the Girivalam Path

{First posted on July 4, 2016

Revised on September 15, 2016}



The  national  and   international media are reporting that, ancient and sacred trees in the Sonagiri Forest and all along the Girivalam Path are being felled to widen the Girivalam road. These trees were not planted by man and are part of a natural forest that has existed since time immemorial.

These trees, and the animals and birds that reside in this natural forest, are considered to be Siddhars, or highly evolved souls, who have taken the form of trees, birds and animals to be close to Arunachala. The international community is naturally outraged and very concerned that disturbing them when they are in such a deep state of meditation of Arunachala will unleash a natural disaster of epic proportions.

We are appealing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to step-in and stop the insanity immediately.

Long term residents of Tiruvannamalai say "In the mid seventies full moon pradakshina was a silent experience shared by a small number of residents, mostly from ashrams. That was before Rajnikanth, the Tamil film star, made a film in which he claimed that all desires will be fulfilled for those who do Girivalam on Full Moon. From then on the Full Moon Arunachala experience has become a carnival - Pilgrims can consume free food in vast quantities, litter the path and can buy just about anything on this sacred path. Roadside shrines have become lucrative sources of income and new Pilgrim Traps continue to sprout." 

Now various levels of government are jumping into the action and want to make Lord Shiva accessible to all but, in our opinion, it is not up to them or for any of us to make Lord Shiva accessible to anyone whether they are ready or not. Lord Shiva is a state that will happen naturally when life’s karmas have been lived and resolved, and the mind is pure and ready to turn within to a life of renunciation and silence.


What Tiruvannamalai needs is not more development but the dismantling of the haphazard growth that has brought in people who still need television, radio, cell phones, alcohol, cigarettes, non-vegetarian food, drugs and NOISE to survive. It is a dead give-away that they are NOT ready for Lord Shiva.
Prime Minister Modi there are karmic consequences for not taking immediate action.
Spiritually awake individuals have said that it happened because of the lucrative whale industry in Japan. Japan is the only country in the world that is still involved in whale hunting. 

They explain “Whales are guardian angels to the earth. Their operating level is love and they help neutralize negativity that human beings put forth in the form of aggression and ignorance. When 550 pregnant whales are slaughtered every year for ‘scientific research’, Mother Nature responded by causing a natural disaster that destroyed a nuclear power generating facility and the whaling industry in Japan."

"The Miyagi coastal whaling port which had been in continuous whaling operation for 105 years, was completely annihilated in 2011. The tsunami, in its fury, threw ashore three large whaling ships far into the land and completely destroyed the whale processing units along with 500 of the 1,400 residents and nearly 600 of the nearly 700 houses in the area. 


The late Srila Prabhupad, who started the ISKON movement and set up about 660 Hare Krishna temples around the world, had warned decades ago that harmful agricultural practices and the cruelty and senseless slaughter of animals to satisfy the human palate will cause the souls of these animals to retaliate and for Mother Nature to administer justice.  
Devotees are wondering, “Is this why there is turmoil of epic proportions in the world now? It seems to be happening every ten years!”

Enlightened beings have said:  “A cosmic lesson which is not learned will be repeated over and over again, in one way or another, until it is learned.”  

Prime Minister Modi, the international community feels there is no need to destroy a sacred forest to widen the road and create more infrastructure facilities.  The Community is appealing to you to do the dharmic thing of returning Tiruvannamalai to its pristine beauty of silence, cleanliness, renunciation and the deep state of Arunachala. 

Lord Shiva is for people who are ready to turn within and live a life of renunciation and silence. 

Ambal (Goddess Parvati) walked on this Girivalam path until she merged with Arunachala at the spot where the Gautama Rishi Ashramam stands today. Ambal was the first to do Girivalam around Arunachala. There are now trucks, buses, and SUVs plying on this sacred path.

The Tirupati and Vaishnoo Devi temple boards seem to be doing such an amazing job of regulating pilgrims and providing facilities far away from the main shrine - in Tiruvannamalai it would be the entire mountain and surrounding area. Please introduce such a board in Tiruvannamalai under a strong and effective head (who can get things done).

Prime Minister Modi, the devotees would like to invite you to Tiruvannamalai to do Girivalam i.e. walk very slowly around the mountain (barefoot, if possible). You will see for yourself how powerful Arunachala is and how deeply disturbing all of this development is to Mother Nature. We hope you can come.
Yours truly,

Concerned and Spiritually Awake Citizens of the World

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