Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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Spiritiual Practices for Turbulent Times

To our readers and those who have contacted us concerned about all the unrest in the world, thrown relentlessly at us in the form of senseless wars, terrorism, natural disasters, gun violence in western countries, and mass movements that have overturned governments, our advice is:  

·               Turn within and ride the turbulence. Do NOT fuel the turbulence with your own unsettled mind. 

·               Do silent japa of the mantra  Om Namah Shivaya  or Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
·               Sankirtan (group chanting of any of God’s names)

·               Meditate

·               Pray to the Divine Mother in her various forms, for protection or

·               Invoke Lord Narasimhadev (a half man, half lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu) as is done on a daily basis in ISKON Temples around the world. Lord Narasimhadev will come so swiftly and so fast before you have had time to say Hare Krishna!!! 

If these seem difficult for you at this time, do seva or self-less service.

·         Annadanam Feed the sadhus, the poor and hungry respectfully with your own hands 
·         Feed the birds and animals, 
·         Eat only organic and vegetarian food that you have offered to God
·         Abstain from alcohol and drugs

·         Provide clothing for the poor

·         Plant trees and water them regularly

·         Help out in animal shelters and plant nurseries

·         Clean the sacred precincts of a temple or clean the pathways around the Arunachala Mountain. This seva will purify your own body temple and rid it of diseases.
·         Even if you are going only to the grocery store, walk lightly and mindfully with every step. If you plant seeds of joy and happiness as you put each foot down, Mother Earth will heal and protect you. Of that be assured.

 Come let us pray to Arunachala.

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