Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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LK: My Response to Jallikattu (bull-fighting) and More......

Updated on May 12, 2017

Worship the cow, treat her well and please DON'T KILL AND EAT HER... because all of the deities, especially Goddess Lakshmi, are present in the cow.

The bull is NANDI - Lord Shiva’s most trusted companion who is totally and completely absorbed in Him. Causing Nandi any distress, as in catching him by his horns and tormenting him in a sport or killing him for food, is like shaking Lord Shiva out of His deep state of meditation. Imagine what the consequences of that could be.

Could it be in the form of a tsunami or a bloody civil war where millions of people died or were injured or had to flee their homeland? Sadly, this has happened in South Asia. Is it time to contemplate and change your ways? We say “YES”. 

We do not buy the excuse that animals in other parts of the world are being ill-treated and so can you because in other parts of the world, people do not understand Karma and are suffering for it. Our belief is that those who are practicing Hindu spiritual practices know better and can do better. All the Hindu deities are in your chakras observing and ready to guide you, if you ask.

The best way to send a prayer to Lord Shiva is through the right ear of Nandi or the bull. That is why tormenting the bull in a sport or killing him for food results in almost immediate and devastating karma. Treat the animals well for your own sake!!! 
Our plea to you is: Show your community’s pride by being more compassionate and loving to each other, to women and children, to birds and animals, to the mountains, lakes and rivers and to trees and plants. Respect Mother Nature.

Rise higher; be better than the ‘other’ people you are referring to.
The late Shri Srila Prabhupad, who started the ISKON movement and set up 660 Hare Krishna temples around the world, had said decades ago “Those who are flesh-eaters or who ill-treat or wantonly injure or kill animals are going to get obnoxious bodies in their next lives. For their wanton cruelty, nature will force them into the bodies of hogs and dogs. They are missing the priceless opportunity of going back to the spiritual world. Instead, they will have to stay in this material world and accept more and more material bodies – more rounds of birth, old age, disease, and death. Ignorant rascals are automatically defeated, by their very own ignorance.”

To meat-eaters Prabhupad said, “If you have an absolute need to eat beef or pork or chicken, you need not kill them. When one of our animals dies, you can come here to our farm and take away the carcass. You’ll have an ample supply of flesh, at no expense.”

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