Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

Our Experiences In Tiruvannamalai

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More Of My Experiences with Cows -- Part IV

A few more interesting experiences with cows and bulls.

A few years ago, I went for Girivalam with a few friends on Shivaratri.  Near a temple before Adi Annamalai there was a bull tied with a rope.  I offered a banana and it took it. I went near offered another banana. Slowly it came forward, took the banana and the next thing it hit my chest with it's forehead. I fell backwards and I was looking at the sky.  No injuries. I thought it is a sort of blessing because it happened on Sivaratri day.

The day I sent my last post to you, I went for a Pradakshina of the big Arunachaleswarar temple in town. There was two calves, one fairly big and the other small. I offered a few slices of bread to the big one and was offering bread to the smaller one when the big one became angry and almost gored me.  No injuries.  Maybe another blessing because it happened near the Raja Gopuram.

A few months ago, in a small Lord Ganesha temple I lit a camphor and was saying a prayer.  I felt some nuzzling in my back.  I turned and looked and, yes, there were three cows looking at me, saying with their looks, "Where is our bread". I had bread and gave it to all three of them.

A month ago, it was around 8 p.m.  I was going on my scooter to a friend's house for dinner.  The road I was going on was different from the one I usually take.  I saw this cow walking on the left side.  I went further, stopped the scooter and got down and putting my hand to get some bread slices.   I turned around to go near the cow but there it was right behind me waiting for the bread.  I did not recognize it as it was dark but it recognized me.

I got to stop now.    -- Devraj


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